Q1Who is the organizer?

The organizer is Wine and Spirits Culture Association. Yumi Tanabe is the president of the awards.


Q2What percentage of the total entry win the awards?

The percentage of award-winning wines is about 45% to 50% of the total entries. In 2021 (the 8th edition), the percentage of winning wines was 49% of the total number of entries.

Q3How much is the Entry Fee?

It is 20,000JPY per wine entry (additional 10% consumption tax applies). There are early bird and volume discounts.


Q4What are the benefits of winning “SAKURA” Japan Women's Wine Awards?

We work with our media partners to distribute the results to the trade, and our sales partners will help promote the Award winning wines broadly.
The winners are showcased at our booth at various trade shows. We work with various retail outlets to promote sales of the award winning wines by creating the [“SAKURA” Japan Women's Wine Awards Wine Sales Fairs] throughout Japan.
We also promote through SNS for consumers.

Q5What will be presented to the award winners?

We issue an award certificate and use of our medals at no cost for their marketing materials. The Diamond Trophy and the Grand Prix winners will receive a plaque made of Kiso lacquerware, The traditional craft of Japan.


Q6Where are the award winning wines sold?

We promote the award-winning wines to major supermarkets, department stores, wine shops, online shopping websites and mail-order companies. We help to create wine events at these places to feature the award-winning wines.
We also seek restaurants to purchase the award-winning wines and include them in their wine menu.

Q7What benefit will the award-winning wines, which are not imported, receive?

All winning wines will be posted on the “SAKURA” Japan Women's Wine Awards official website. We offer wineries that are not currently imported in Japan the opportunity to be discovered by top wine buyers.
We also have tasting events inviting importers to sample them.


Q8What is “SAKURA” Sales Support Shops and Restaurants?

On our website, there is a list of shops and restaurants throughout Japan, who actively sell and promote “SAKURA” award-winning wines.
It is beneficial to be on the “SAKURA” Sales Support Shops and Restaurants list.
The registration is available on our website and it is free of charge.


ENTRY(ID, MyPage, Password)

Q1What kind of information is required to register on MyPage?

Information of the company which submits the entry is required. (Company name, contact person, phone number, email address, company address, etc.) All the information we receive will be used only for the communication purposes participating in this competition (examination committee). For more information, please check our privacy policy.


Q2For what purpose do we use MyPage?

On MyPage, you can register your company information, pay your entry fee, register and modify your wine information, download the OUTER CARTON, and download a PDF of the medal logo and diploma for your award-winning wine. Please keep your ID and password for MyPage login.


Q3Can I use my ID and Password from 2021?

Yes, you can use it. Your company information will be reflected with the ID and password which you registered last year. If you do not have your password, it will be sent to your registered Email address for the FY 2021. If your registered Email address for the FY 2021 is not available, you will need to register a new one.

Q4I don’t remember my ID from last year.

You can only use ID from the FY 2021. If you don't remember the previous ID, please register from here again.
*Entry period: October 1st– November 30th


Q5What if I forgot my password?

Please click “If you don't remember your Password” link and follow the steps. You will receive the new password to your registered Email address for the FY 2021.

Q6Can I change my password?

Yes, please login to MyPage and click the Company Information tab, then you can change your password.

Q7By mistake, I made several IDs. What should I do?

Please send the ID you don't need by Email. And we will delet it.

Q8Is it possible to change the registered company information?

From October 1st to November 30th, you can change on MyPage.
After December 1st, please send email to “SAKURA” Japan Women’s Wine Awards Office.

Q9I’m trying to enter the company information, but I keep getting the error message and can’t go to the next page. What am I doing wrong?

Use capital letters only (A to Z), numbers (0 to 9), hyphens (-), underscores (_), commas (,), and periods (.).
* Lowercase letters and special characters cannot be used.

Q10Why is MyPage locked?

MyPage will be locked if the payment is not made by due date.
The due date is two weeks after your registration.
Please send an email to “SAKURA” Japan Women’s Wine Awards Office.


Q1How would I know if the entry fee was accepted?

It will take time for bank to confirm your payment, so please make sure to send us an email with your Bank Slip attached. We will confirm your payment by receiving the Bank Slip.

Q2How much is the Entry Fee?

It is 20,000JPY per wine entry (additional 10% consumption tax applies). There are early bird and volume discounts.


Q3How can I get an invoice and receipt for the entry fee?

You can download from MyPage.

Q4Is it possible to pay by one account when I would like to register wines under different company names?

It is only possible to make a payment by one account each.
In that case, please create a new account with a different ID name.

Q5What is the IBAN Number for the SAKURA AWARD's bank account?

In Japan, instead of IBAN Number, we use SWIFT code which is "BOTKJPJT".
If your bank asks you "11 digits", please use "BOTKJPJT***".


Q1Can I change the number of entries?

Before you pay for the entry fee, the number of entries can be changed. If you wish to make an additional entry after payment, please register again under a new ID. Please note that if you reduce the number of entries after the payment, refunds are not available.

Q2I cannot enter wine information.

You can enter wine information after the office confirms your payment. In the case of bank transfer, please send the copy of bank slip by email. After we receive it, we will email the confirmation.

Q3Is it necessary to fill in all the wine information?

Yes, all the information is necessary for us to make accurate and fair judgements.

Q4Why am I getting error messages when typing the wine information?

Please use capital letters only (A to Z), numbers (0 to 9), hyphens (-), underscores (_), commas (,), and periods (.).
* Lowercase letters and special characters cannot be used.

Q5Is it possible to change the wine information I have already registered?

Yes, you can change the wine information on MyPage until November 30, 2021.
After December 1, 2021, please send an Email to SAKURA AWARDS Office.
Also, even before November 30, 2021, after you have arranged the samples to be sent and the warehouse inspection is completed, you will not be able to re-edit the wine information.
If you wish to change wine information after the inspection, please send an Email to SAKURA AWARDS office. entry@sakuraaward.com

Q6Is it possible to submit the same wine entered last year?

Yes, it is possible to submit the same wine as last year.

Q7What price range is suitable for the entry?

There is no specific rules. However, we recommend wines with a suggested retail price of JPY 1,500-5,000.

Q8Are you only accepting wines produced by female winemakers?

No, we have no regulations. We are accepting wines produced by male winemakers as well.

Q9Are you accepting wines made from other fruits such as peach or strawberry? What about aromatized wines?

No, we only accept wines made from 100% grapes.


Q10What is the residual sugar content for sweet wines category?

If the residual sugar content is more than 45g/ℓ, please register it in the sweet wine category.

Q11We do not have import agent in Japan. Is it possible to enter?

Yes! All winning wines will be posted on the Sakura Award official website and we send our official books to the trade. For those without importers, we have tasting events for importers to sample and encourage them to take on importation and distribution.


Q12Do I need to enter both of the EXC price and suggested retail price?

If you know the retail price in Japan or in your country, it is not necessary to put the EXC price. So please put "0" in the cell.
If you do not know the retail price in Japan, please put EXC price or enter "suggested retail price in your country".


Q1Where should I send the samples?

Please check below for the sample delivery address.

◆Delivery address
210-0869, JAPAN  TEL: +81-44-287-0921 PIC: MS. KUBOTA


Q2How many samples are required per entry?

Two bottles per item for 750ml, 720ml, 500ml sized bottle.
Four bottles per item for 375ml sized bottle.


Q3How can I find out if my sample was successfully delivered?

You can find out on MyPage.
We will update the information after the inspection.

Q4Do I have to pay the customs duty?

No, you do not have to pay the customs duty.
Please write “Samples, No Commercial Value” in your invoice and OUTER CARTON.


Q5When is the deadline for delivery of the samples?

The deadline for sample delivery is Thursday, January 20th, 2022. In order to prepare for the judging session, please make sure to arrive by the date. The arrival of samples may be delayed due to various reasons, so please send samples as soon as possible.

Q6Do you accept wines without label or barrel sample?

Yes, you can send raw samples without official labels.
In that case, please put the sample label or barrel samples with all the necessary information such as winery, name of the wine, vintage and so on.
It is possible with hand writing. You may write the new vintage over the old etiquette by hand.


Q1I would like to know how many judges are participating, and what are their qualifications?

The total number of judges is approximately 500 to 600.
The criteria for the judges are as follows:
(1) Female Japanese or foreigner who work in Japan.
(2) Sommeliers, winemakers, wine lecturers, wine journalists, wine importers, wine distributors, wine stores, and other wine and liquor related professionals, and wine experts (qualified).
In addition, some special judges.

Q2How is judging conducted?

Judging is conducted by panels of five judges. Each panel includes a trained Panel Captain to facilitate the judging process and record keeping integrity. The wines will be tasted blind by the category and grape variety. The judges will know (1) varietals, (2)vintage, (3)residual sugar (4) barrel aging if applicable. The judges will give each wine an individual score using the 100 point scale.


Q3How is Best Pairing Wine for Cuisine conducted? Do they actually taste with food?

No. The judges select the dish written on the score sheet, which they feel the most suitable for the wine. (Target: Diamond Trophy, Double Gold, Gold Award)


Q4How will Bio and Sustainable category be judged and evaluated?

We will focus on Bio Wine (organic farming, biodynamic, sustainable, vegan, etc.). However, we will not judge bio wine separately at the judging session.
The wine category
After the awarded wines are selected, we will announce Awarded Bio Wine on our official website. We will reconfirm the information submitted at the entry and publish them. The procedure is as follows;
*We will confirm to the importers if the wine has been already in Japanese market.
*If the wine is not in Japanese market yet, or the open market wines, they will be listed based on the entry information.

Q5Is it possible to visit the judging site?

The judgement event is open to the press and anyone in the wine industry. You will be able to see how the judging process is actually carried out. Please register from the press application window on the Sakura Award official website.


Q1When will the results of the award be announced?

Please visit the official announcement schedule. The results of the awards will be annoucned to entry companies and distributors as soon as possible after the winning wines are selected.


Q2After receiving the award, I found a mistake of vintage or others. Is it possible to correct the information in the award-winning wine search?

Yes, we will correct the information only for this year's award-winning items. Please download the request form from the URL below, correct them and send it back to the Sakura Award office by e-mail.


Q3If I receive award/s when can I make it public?

To consumers we ask you to wait until the official announcement is made, but for business-to-business situation you are free to inform them prior to the announcement.


Q4For those who did not get the award, how are they informed?

We ask to wait for the official announcement.
We only notify award recipients, not all the participants.


Q5Is it possible to get the score/s (number of points)?

We do not provide score/s.


Q1How can I recieve the diploma?

You can download the diploma free of charge from MyPage.

Q2Is it possible to reissue the past award diploma?

It is possible to reissue the previous year's award diploma only.
Please contact the “SAKURA” Japan Women's Wine Awards office by Email.

The reissuance fees for PDF data:
3,300JPY/per data(incl consumption tax)


Q1How do I get the award medal logo?

The awarded company can download the medal logo data from MyPage at free of charge. For others, a pledge agreement must be signed before downloading.


Q2Is it possible to print the medal logo on the label or packages?

Yes, you can download the medal logo via MyPage and use it for printing. We don't charge you for this service.

Q3Is there a specific size for the medal logo?

No, it's not fixed. You can change the size as you want.

Q4How do I get the printed medal logo sticker?

Q5Can I use the award medal logo on new lots of wines with non-vintage wine?

No, the award-winning medal logo cannot be used if the lot has been changed.

Q6I would like to know if I can use other logo marks and photographs of SAKURA AWARD? If possible, how can I get the data, and what are the conditions of usage?

Please visit our official website and proceed to the download page for various data. It can be downloaded free of charge. If you have any questions, please contact the “SAKURA” Japan Women's Wine Awards Office by email.


Q7Can we use the award-winning medal logo on different labels or containers with the same wine?

Yes, you can use it. We will ask you to submit a quality assurance certificate proving that the new label or different packaging is the same wine as the winning wine. Please download the documents from the following URL and submit them by attaching to the Email to Sakura Award office.

*Quality certificates for award-winning wines