News Release
July 20, 2016

This is a newsletter from “ SAKURA” Japan Women’s Wine Awards Office.

“SAKURA” Japan Women’s Wine Awards is an international wine competition in Japan.

1. The tasting exhibition for not-imported wines of the award winner

On Jul. 6th in Tokyo and Jul.13th in Osaka, the tasting exhibition for not-imported wines of the award winner was held with the explanatory meeting for importers, distributors and press.
More than 150 people evaluated the wines with a list of wine & producer enthusiastically.
We hope the importers found a wine matching with their needs and a new business relationship between producers and importers will be created.

2. The GUIDELINES on the 4th “SAKURA” Wine Awards 2017 are UP on the Website.

Please check the Web site in English to see the new guidelines for the 4th “SAKURA” Wine Awards 2017.
It is available for download from the Web site.

3. Changes since the last time

① Early Bird Discount
If the payment for entry fee is made by credit card by the due date of each applicant before 24:00 (Japan Time) on Oct.31st, 2016, 5% discount on the total amount is applied.
Please see the detail in the guidelines.
Don’t miss this advantage!

② Web entry procedure
After the payment for entry fee, the applicant can proceed with filling in the wine information.
We recommend the payment by credit card as the overseas remittance by bank transfer needs more than one week to be confirmed.

4. Schedule of the 4th “SAKURA” Wine Awards 2017

Important Dates to remember

Oct.1, 2018(Mon) - Nov. 30 , 2018(Fri)
Sample Delivery
Arrival at Tokyo by Jan. 11 , 2019(Fri)
Tasting Judgement
Jan. 29, 2019(Tue) - Jan. 30, 2019(Wed)
Award Announcement
on line
Feb. 14 , 2019 (Tue) St. Valentine's day

Ceremony announcing
Diamond Trophy and
Special Awards
March. 5 , 2019(Tue) at

Please make a note of Oct.1st for your entry to “SAKURA” Wine Awards!!