Important Dates to remember

October 1, 2019(Tue) – November 30, 2019(Sat)
※We have an early bird discount!
5% discount from the total amount if you pay within the period by credit card.
Period applied for early bird discount:Oct.1st(Tue)~Oct. 31st(Thu), 2019 (Until 24:00pm Japan Time)
※Volume discount will also be available if you enter 11 items or more (combination use with early bird discount is applicable)
Sample Delivery
October 1, 2019(Tue) – January 10 , 2020(Fri)
Delivered to Japan
Tasting Judgement
January 28, 2020(Tue) - January 29, 2020(Wed)
Award Announcement
February 14 , 2020 (Fri) on Valentine's day
Ceremony announcing
March 10 , 2020(Tue) at FOODEX JAPAN 2020
Announcement of Diamond Trophy and Special Awards Grand Prix
Q1: Is there any special promotion for award winning wines?
A1: The sales partners listed in our web site are organizing various fairs at retail stores such as department stores and wine shops to promote award winning wines.
Q2: Is there any advantage for wines which are not imported in Japan if they got the awards?
A2: Approx. 30,000 copies of the official book for professionals are printed and distributed to capture importers' attention.
Also the tasting exhibition for not-imported award winning wines is held every year.
Q3: Which price range is suitable for the competition?
A3: Any price range. but below US$20 or 15 euros of FOB price are recommended.
Q4: Is it necessary to choose wines which women tend to be fond of?
A4: You don’t need to concern about “women” because the judges are all professional. Please apply wines which are enjoyable at home and in the restaurant to the entry.
Q5: Who will judge the wines?
A5: Female wine experts in Japan. The judges will be selected from a list of approx. 300 female sommeliers, wine journalists and buyers with wide range of knowledge and experiences.
Q6: Only wines produced by female winemakers can make entry?
A6: No, any wine from any producer or any country is available to make entry.
Q7: Who is organizing this competition?
A7: The organizer is Wine and Spirit Culture Association in collaboration with the FOODEX JAPAN, the largest food and wine fair in Japan.
Q8: Who is the head of judges?
A8: Yumi Tanabe, founder and principal of wine school established 25 years ago. she has impact in the Japanese wine industry. (For more info, go to About us)
Q9: Any cost apart from the entry fee?
A9: In addition to the entry fee, the cost of transportation of the sample.
Q10: What percentage of the total entry wins the awards?
A10: We are considering about 40% of the total entry.
Q11: What are the merits of " SAKURA" Wine Awards?
A11: The award winning wines will be displayed at FOODEX JAPAN, sold at special fairs at retail stores, given media exposures, and much more. (For further info, go to Merits of Award)
Q12: Is there a category of organic wines?
A12: Not particularly, but organic wines can make entry without the certificate.
Q13: The wines made from other fruits such as peach or strawberry are accepted to apply?
A13: No. the wines made from just grapes are accepted. Also the wine added extract from fruit, coffee, etc. is not accepted.
Q14: We do not have an agent in Japan. Is it available to make entry?
A14: Yes. Please apply directly.
Q15: We have several importers, but can we apply directly?
A15: Yes, you can.
Q16: How many samples are required per item?
A16: 3 bottles of 750ml or 6 bottles of 375ml